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Ana’s an award-winning entrepreneur who is passionate about helping women cultivate career success and leadership. Her relentless perseverance and tenacity has allowed her to experience firsthand the rewards of establishing a thriving business from the ground up.

Her skills have carried her to the international marketing arena where she ran her own marketing firm Monte & Monte out of New York and Melbourne from 2003 to 2011, undertaking projects for marketing and brand development for several prominent Australian and US firms including Love From Australia, KissDownUnder Organics and Auscarbon International. During her time at Monte & Monte she won several awards for her achievements in branding and marketing.

Since becoming a mother in 2010 Ana, like women everywhere, has been taking on the world’s toughest balancing act, that of motherhood and a successful career. Ana is extremely proud of the progress she has made, her family business J&JJ Developments (www.jjjdevelopments.com) is going from strength to strength, thanks in no small part to the power of her marketing and strong brand promotion.

Ana understands at a deeply personal level, the challenges and compromises of combining life with small children, and a busy career.

Beyond her considerable skills as a marketer and brand expert, Ana loves the challenge of helping businesses thrive, she relishes the chance to get her hands dirty, refining processes and creating a lean, smooth running and profitable operation.

Now Ana has composed her reinvention, not just as an entrepreneur, but first and foremost the most important role she’s ever taken, a mother of two amazing boys. She is ready to share her knowledge with businesses alike.

Phone or email (she@shemeansbusiness.net.au) one of our SHE representatives now and discover what we can do for your business.